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New Prefab Sprout album ‘Crimson/Red’ in your hands on October 7th UPDATE

By Miranda Diboll (updated August 8th 5.50 pm)

We have an album cover:


Do you like it? Please leave comments below!

‘The Jewel Thief’ will be the first single off the album (as predicted!), released same day as album…expect a video for it say official sources!

Album will be available as a download, CD and VINYL *boomtish!*

You can now follow news on the album on Twitter and Facebook

We have a track list:

  1. The Best Jewel Thief In The World
  2. The List of Impossible Things
  3. Adolescence
  4. Grief Built The Taj Mahal
  5. Devil Came A Calling
  6. Billy
  7. The Dreamer
  8. The Songs Of Danny Galway
  9. The Old Magician
  10. Mysterious

No double album, alas. However, it looks likeThe Jewel Thief will be the lead single..Radio 2…Playlist A please?

The record is actually coming out on a new record label called Icebreaker Records. This has been formed by Chris Hutton of Shamrock Solutions and Shamrock has worked with artists such as Sinead O’Connor, Andrea Corr, Ali Campbell, Beverley Knight and Marilyn Manson.  The new label aims to make use of all the expertise and contacts that Shamrock has developed over the years. 

After much speculation about if the leaked album would ever see a proper release, its happening and we now have a track list!!

Some history:

The good news appeared on The Prefab Sprout project’s Facebook page, John Birch and Scott McPherson were the first to announce it.

John Birch is the author of a forthcoming unofficial biography on Paddy McAloon and the band. The Prefab Sprout Project is the brainchild of  Seattle based singer songwriter Scott McPherson. Whilst Birch’s book project is back on track for an August 2014 release , McPherson’s tribute album has been gathering momentum and even attracting enough funding to secure Neil Conti as as the skinsman.

A global fan collective, coming together to write and record a minimum of 11 original songs that embody the sound of Prefab Sprout. A celebratory record written by fans and for fans of this wonderful musical group. The final product will be more than a tribute album, every song will be original from the ground up, though purely influenced by the sound and style of song writer “Paddy McAloon” and his great band – Prefab Sprout.

What is most surprising is the sudden involvement and approval from the ‘official camp’ with what are ultimately both fan projects and this has been attributed to a change in marketing strategy from Kitchenware supremo Keith Armstrong. Those who have followed the career of Paddy McAloon will know that he’s usually quite reluctant to engage with anyone outside of his immediate circle, especially fans no matter how devoted they are. When he was told about the amount written on him on the internet, he said he’d rather not know.

With such a devoted following, it’s about time that the band utilised this underutilised resource!

John Birch spoke of his access to those close to Paddy but never quite getting speak to the man himself. Maybe this might change and the book will become ‘official’, who knows..

As for Scott, I think clinching the deal with Neil Conti was a game changer.

As October 7th draws closer, the picture will become much clearer, I’m sure.

Anyway, great news! The album is going to have an official release.

We have the name ‘Crimson/Red’ (a total surprise here), we now await photos and other info with great interest!

2 thoughts on “New Prefab Sprout album ‘Crimson/Red’ in your hands on October 7th UPDATE

  1. I seem to remember someone posting on One of the Facebook groups that this new album will be available in Vinyl Miranda.
    I will try & find the comment & post it here. Great blog by the way.

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