Donald Fagen / Steely Dan

Ladies and Gentlemen, Eminent Hipsters

By Gina G


We always knew that Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen could write and we’re not talking  just music and lyrics. Anyone who’s ever visited his website (now a Facebook site), will know that his way with prose is quite impressive so it comes as no surprise to discover that he’s releasing a book soon.

‘Eminent Hipsters’ is Fagen’s life so far through the ‘hipsters’ that the title refers to. Starting with his childhood in New Jersey and his nights in with jazz radio and sci fi comics, his college years at Bard, success with Steely Dan and as a solo artist onto touring with Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs as the Dukes of September.

This maybe the nearest thing we get to an actual autobiography of the jazzrock cat himself, reading between the lines as he lives life through his heros over the years, the eminent hipsters..

The book is out on October 22nd. What a busy month that will be, a Scritti gig with BEF on the 3rd, new Prefab Sprout album on the 7th and this too!

3 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Eminent Hipsters

  1. A blog that is telling about Prefab Sprout and Steely Dan / Donald Fagen just discovered by chance (youtube). What about Tears for Fears? I might bookmark this place! 😀

      • Great then! I’ve seen them Live in Milan the last but one concert before their split (their last one was in Trento I recall). One of the greatest concert I’ve ever seen. It was more or less like “Going to California” DVD… it has the same songs list I believe… (Please forgive me any error I might write)…

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