1980s Culture

A ride on the Tube, 80s style

By Miranda Diboll

These brilliant photos taken by Bob Mazzer show how much has changed on the London Underground over the last 30 years. These pictures capture both the uneasiness of late night tube travel combined with the grittiness of 80s public transport. Smoking was allowed and finishing your pint was not frowned upon. The lighting is dim, the trains and platforms look grubby but there’s an air of freedom, chaos and eccentricity which we just don’t see today.

My favourite is photo number 28. The look on the old man’s face is priceless.



One thought on “A ride on the Tube, 80s style

  1. A lot of these pics are disturbing. I think I would be scared to set foot on a subway. On another note, now I understand why we had a club in town called “Underground” with the symbol the exact same.as those pics.

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