Crimson/Red / Prefab Sprout

Oops James Blunt! Accidental leaks: music marketing ploys or genuine error?

By Gina G.

James Blunt was on Twitter yesterday apologising for sending out an e mail to all those on the Warner Bros mailing list. Strangely enough it contained a link to his new single. It could’ve been worse I suppose: an e mail to his girlfriend grovelling for forgiveness, an e mail to his mum asking if she could do his washing… He will be more careful hitting CC again!

What about that entire Prefab Sprout album left on Soundcloud last month? What clumsy clot did that? Was it the same person who then left a message on a fan messageboard and was never heard from again? However, what makes it more likely that this was a genuine error was the ‘take down notices’ issued to fans sharing the files. This week fans have been told by Icebreaker to remove any tracks off YouTube and delete any links to tracks on social networks. As far as I know nothing has come from Warners over the James Blunt leak, in fact there’s a ‘lyric video‘ up on Blunt’s offical YouTube site, announced on Blunt’s Twitter after his ‘oops’ tweet.  I can’t see the frenzied panic to put the toothpaste back in the tube unlike the Sprout album.

James Blunt: marketing ploy.

Prefab Sprout: genuine mistake or perhaps a more subtle attempt at marketing.

However, as one fan noted, perhaps Prefab Sprout have gone to extremes to whip up excitement about what will most likely be the first single off the album. Yes, a video would’ve been a cheaper option.

Both the James Blunt single and the new Sprout album is out on the 7th October.

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