Danny WIlson / Green Gartside / Paddy McAloon / Prefab Sprout / Roddy Frame / Scritti Politti

More Than Just A Pretty Face: Confessions of a Fangirl

 by Rozonda Salas

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a passion for 80s music, especially for groups like Aztec Camera, Scritti Politti, Danny Wilson and, above all, my favourite band for 25 years, Prefab Sprout.

 As I started following these bands in my teens, and many of them were led by young men who at that time I found attractive (Green Gartside, Roddy Frame, Paddy McAloon) I’ve often wondered if the look of those artists was decisive for me to become a fan of a group.

And I found the answer the other day, when someone posted a interview with Paddy McAloon 1988 that made me remember my first Prefab Sprout album , From Langley Park To Memphis. I decided to listen to the whole album again (I hadn’t for some time), and I had very clear memories of my sensations when I listened to it for the first time, when I was 16. The wonder at the perfection of the melodies, the excitement about a sound that was so new and different, the romance and beauty of the music itself. I liked the singer and I liked his magical voice, but it was not enough to justify the passion with which I started following the group, and the fact that 25 years later, as a 41-year-old woman, I continue to be a loyal and passionate fan of the band. After all, back in the 80s there were also groups that I liked and that at that time were much more image-based -for example, a-ha: I still like them, but I was never a fan or bought all his records or learned their songs by heart, as I do with the Sprouts.

The image can attract a fan, be it male or female, but it is not enough to keep you hooked. And women are no different, no matter what they say. If 25 years later I still love the same music when many of those young artists are not as young or as attractive anymore, is because the music, that music that captivated me as a teenager,is still young and unlike them, or me, will never lose its youth and freshness.

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