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Now over to Hollywood, where the new Sprout video is being filmed…

If you’re a Sprout fan like us at RepHERtoire, you will probably be a little nervous about what the latest visual effort will be.

You see, Prefab Sprout videos are curious beasts. There’s never been a huge budget for them and the directors often have strange ideas as how to stretch this budget to the max.

When short of cash it is best to keep it simple. When Love Breaks Down pretty much does that:

Then there’s their most famous video, The King of Rock n Roll, from 1988. Whether heavy rotation on MTV got the single into the top ten we do not know but its certainly an effective video, Note  that it was filmed in winter (look at the trees). The talking statue looks like it could fall apart at any moment. I’m still hoping one of those dressing gowns turns up on eBay..

Its all going OK until Wendy gets a bit amorous with Paddy in Carnival 2000 in 1991. Their relationship was very public and part of the whole Sprout image so it was a shock to find that Paddy had married someone else when he hit took to the road with the real Carnival 2000, their UK tour of that year. The final moments of the video see Wendy dressed in a rather dodgy body stocking swaying alone. Does this hint at hings to come?…

The ultimate dodgy Sprout video award goes to  ‘If You Don’t Love Me’ in 1992. Lady Gaga was watching closely when Wendy Smith and  a near naked Seal lookalike rendezvous  in a sleezy looking hotel.

Unfortunately it is let down by the ‘Addicted To Love’ style model line who must’ve been working their purt little arses off that day as they also appear in another Sprout video ‘I Remember That’

1997 brought us Prisoner Of The Past and we meet Prefab Sprout’s sexiest female fan ( was busy that day) stalking Paddy in his haunted house or is it the other way round?  Wendy looks  pissed off with the whole thing, its not fun being upstaged by some Italian looking goddess.. Rumour has it that this song is about Paddy and Wendy going off the boil. You decide.

Finally, what is possibly the worst Sprout video ever made. Electric Guitars heralded the start of the ‘stick Paddy in front of a screen and project stuff onto it’ era of video making. If that wasn’t bad enough, poor Paddy looks tired standing in front of some poor attempts at rock god look a likes. Its enough to make your breakfast explode.

It looks like the first video off ‘Crimson/Red’ will be ‘The Jewel Thief’.

Twitter tells us that Tyler Cornack, a Hollywood based director is sitting in the chair this time.

What this video will be like is anyone’s guess. Here’s our attempt at a guess:


6 thoughts on “Now over to Hollywood, where the new Sprout video is being filmed…

  1. Very excited about the new album (I’ve ordered the signed boxed set), but I’d rather have a tour than a video. Not much chance of that while it’s just Paddy. And is it me, or is Paddy’s new look Rasputin-Chic?

    • Yes I think a tour would be everyone’s preference. I was at the playback party and suggested a low-key tour, even some radio sessions, heck even a BBC crew going up to Leadgate to record him playing at home. Rasputin won’t have any of it though. If the album is a hit maybe we might see some more Rasputinesque beards hit the street…

      • The playback must have been great. Having said that, I’ve resisted the numerous opportunities to listen to the new tracks (apart from the odd 30 second snippet) so the first play is as close to virgin territory as possible – just like the old days when you went and bought the album and had to go home first to hear it!

      • You know what, I wished I’d also had the willpower to do that but I don’t have much in the way of willpower. There was a moment at the playback party where we were all sitting there and you could just tell that we were wishing that this was the first time we’d heard it.

      • Allow yourself a listen to Jewel Thief. Its likely to suddenly pop up on the radio at the moment so it’ll be hard to avoid. It’ll whet your appetite for the rest of it, I can tell you!

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