Daft Punk / Nile Rodgers/Nard Edwards/Chic

A belated Chic Happy New Year from RepHERtoire!

While most music blogs have shaken their new years hangover off by the 17th of January, RepHERtoire, the hard core hedonistas that we are are still, well…

I can’t talk about the other girls round here but my new years eve was very unhedonistic. It would’ve been off the scale on the boring scale if it wasn’t for something saved on my PVR. It was so good I was downing champagne cocktails with the volume up high.

I’m talking about Chic live at The Roundhouse in Camden.


I’ve been a fan of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards long before I realised it. The first album I ever bought was a Chic record with Madonna singing on it- 1984’s Like A Virgin. My cassette copy was so well played on my first cassette recorder, a flat mono thing, that the tape started spooling out into its mechanism. Nearly 30 years later I’d say that the Nile and Nard partnership was greater than Lennon and McCartney. There, I’ve said it.

You can’t be a fan of 80s music and not be a fan of Nile’s. So many records have been touched with his magic dust, his signature catchy hooks and the sheer joy that his music brings to people.

So coming soon is a Nile Rodgers RepHERtoire special.

Looking back over 2013, our launch year, its been a good year for good music. Nile’s magic was sprinkled on Daft Punk’s brilliant Random Access Memories, an album that pretty much united all music fans from all generations.

The highlight for us, of course, was interviewing Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon. That interview saw this little ole blog’s hit go into the stratosphere and it has opened the doors to us interviewing other great high profile artists over the year. Or course, each one will be done in RepHERtoire style and will promise you glimses of them you have never had before. We love to throw a curveball or two! There are a few artists we would love to speak to, they know who they are…our message….give in now!

RepHERtoire will continue to be an 80s heavy blog written from a female perspective. That doesn’t mean you have a be a girl to read it and enjoy it. It certainly doesn’t mean that we restrict ourselves to the 80s either!

Thanks for your loyal readership and oh, we are always on the look out for new contributors, even the occasion bloke (to write, of course)


2 thoughts on “A belated Chic Happy New Year from RepHERtoire!

  1. Here’s to a great New Year for RepHERtoire, and I’ll do my best to contribute. Your interview with Paddy was also one of the highlights of a very good year for me and I’m so happy it has contributed to increase this blog’s audience. Keep up the good work girl.

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