Paddy McAloon / Prefab Sprout

Why you should be in Newcastle next weekend.


Not for the Dog, although there will be some of this on sale. Not the footie, not for the stotties or the singin’ hinnies.

You need to be in Newcastle because you are reading this blog and therefore I presume that you love good songwriting. The 16th of August is International Geocaching Day! and its also The Prefab Day Out.

If you’re a fan of Prefab Sprout or just love good well written songs then this is one event not to be missed.

Back in October last year, I had the pleasure of attending the listening party for Crimson/Red. It wasn’t a late night affair so some of us trooped off to the nearest pub, post party and carried on our own shindig there. A few beers later and we decided it would be great to start a Sprout tribute band. We already had a guy who could sing: Tom Wardle and drummer: Stuart McClaren. I’ve had many a drunken night out where plans are hatched only to be forgotten the next day but this one was a keeper. We now have ‘Cars and Girls’ the UK’s number on Prefab Sprout tribute band (I still love the name Prefab Doubt, though). They are damn good, combining a close match to the studio sound with the energy of early Sprout before Paddy started to hate playing live. If you only come to Newcastle to see them, you won’t regret it.

Tickets can be bought here:




• 2pm to 4pm
‘Walk On’ – walking tour with your host John Birch
See the sights of Newcastle and Gateshead (Prefab Sprout-related, but also taking in the major tourist sites, too!) Complete with quotes from Birch’s book and Kitchenware/ Sprout anecdotes. Meet at 2PM in the courtyard of the Arts Centre

• 4pm to 7pm
Welcome and discussion/update of the book – John Birch
Visual exhibitions open (Swedish artist Elisabeth Malmborg, John Birch)
Music broadcast throughout the day – including some surprises!
Bar and chat, collector exchanges, mingle with other fans
Quiz competition (all funds to St Oswalds Hospice) – papers in by 8pm
Charity Presentation
Special event CD for sale (all funds to St Oswalds Hospice)
Sproutless CDs on dale

7.00 – 8.30
7:00 Prefab Sprout video archive courtesy of Tim Linnell
7:30 Ron Berry presentation: The Lunaphone (demonstration of a Paddy McAloon invention)
7:50 John Birch presentations
• The Leak: the Facts, the Folly, and the Fallout
• The Three Dianas: McAloon’s Princess
• McAloon and Dolby: Back Together Again?
8:30 Announce the winning Quiz Team

8.30 – 9.30 First Set – Cars & Girls

9.30 – 10.00 Break between live sets
9:30 Matthew’s solo spot “The Devil Came a-Calling”
9:35 Auction (presented by yours truly) – to include a copy of Prefab Sprout’s first ever 7” vinyl single,
“Lions in my Own Garden: Exit Someone” on the Candle Records label
(all funds to St Oswalds Hospice)

10.00 – 11.00 Second Set – Cars & Girls



and if you’re not convinced yet, here’s some clips from Wednesday’s live debut at The Half Moon, Putney.


The Best Jewel Thief In The World


Falling In Love




Faron Young


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