Kate Bush

Kate Bush and how kind fans can beat cruel mathematics.




Since writing this piece I started to resort to using different methods to secure a ticket. I was hoping for one but miraculously I now have an offer of two meaning I can share the experience with my husband. I’m also paying face value for them both. Its inevitable that in the scrum to get tickets back in March, people could not predict the future five months down the line. Plans suddenly have to change and this results in tickets paid for but which cannot be used.

Within minutes of selling out, tickets were appearing on tout sites (no names) for £400 upwards for the cheapest seats. The attempt to completely stamp out touting had failed, despite the ‘lead booker’ system. It would mean that you would be sitting next to the person who had just fleeced you for £340 quid but hey, you got a ticket!

On a very popular Kate Bush forum fans started to post up changes of plan while ticketless fans tried to come to a deal. The rule was face value tickets only and it seemed to be working. Within days, distraught ticketless fans would be matched up with those with spares and everyone was happy. I posted something and a kind fella said that even though he was searching too, I would have first dibs if something did come up as he’d seen the concert already.

However, it was Twitter that saved the day. In the first few days of the concerts Twitter was alight with Kate Bush and any attempt to post a request would be drowned out, Ninth Wave style.  I waited a while for it to calm down a bit before throwing out my request. Within a few hours I had an offer for two tickets. I am beside myself with happiness and a big thank you to the lady who helped me out. I won’t mention her by name here but I’m meeting her on Wednesday and if she agrees, I’ll give her a big shout out for her art business!

So, as Kate says, don’t give up and I’ll see you on here with my review next week!



There are many of us.

Just like my father in law whose Saturday night routine includes screwing up his lottery ticket and sighing, I was one of many Kate Bush fans who didn’t get a ticket back in the Spring. I was up early, sitting at the computer ready but like many others I was defeated by the system. Minutes later they’d all gone or were already up on a tout site.

I consoled myself, slowly forgot the pain and got on with my summer. Then August starts to roll towards a close and I know all too well: Its Kate Bush time.

I was prepared to stay off Twitter to avoid the painful boasts that were inevitable but curiosity won out. I have read the reviews including one that went so much detail, I was surprised that the reviewer didn’t mention the what he had for dinner beforehand. Did I really need that ticket. Yes, I did.

I don’t want to hear the hits. In fact, the first part of the concert could be scrubbed for all I care. Yes, they are great songs but what I really want to experience is The Ninth Wave and The Sky of Honey. I can’t listen to Hello Earth anymore without a horrible cold pang of utter dismay stabbing through my body.

Any visitor to this blog would scan through and ask if I was such a fan, who come I haven’t written copious amounts about Kate Bush before. I’d say its because I tend to steer away from writing about music that has already had so much written about it by much better writers than myself.

From the moment my mum got so transfixed by Kate Bush that my dad started to worry about her; the day I went out and bought The Sensual World during my first year at University and thought it was all about my brand new exciting sexual adventures; listening to Aerial in Abu Dhabi while sitting outside in the warm evening, puffing on apple shisha, the beat accompanied by cicadas and the last call to prayer for the night. Hearing that she’s had a baby boy a year later after I’d had mine.

She’s been whispering in my ear for years, its such a shame I can’t be there to see her play live.






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