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Britpop Camden and other distractions..


It’s been a while, I know. If I’m still getting any traffic here then all I can say is thanks for keeping the faith. If only I could say that I have vault of unpublished posts waiting to see the light of day. But I’m no Paddy McAloon and I’m afraid to say that its been a busy twelve months which has kept me distracted!

Music is never far from my mind though and I’m pleased to announce the completion of Britpop Camden, a GPS locative audio tour around Camden Town in London.

It works like this. You download the Voicemap app (Apple or Android)  onto your phone. From the app, you can buy an audio tour and download it ready to run. I recommend downloading with WiFi to save time and GB allowance!

You then head to Camden Town and pick up the start of the tour in a place called Caffe 43 in Pratt Street. With headphones on and your GPS enabled, my voice will guide you from site to site, telling you stories about the heady days of the mid nineties.

Why Camden? Why Britpop specifically?

I lived there from 95-96 when the whole scene was really at its height. I used to run the website for My Life Story when hardly anyone had a website. The tour includes some personal anecdotes as well but I have to be honest, I was never really part of the ‘inner circle’ of the scene as much I’d liked to have been.

Scritti Politti feature at the start,  though they were well clear of the area by the time Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher were exchanging insults in The Good Mixer pub. I decided to include them though as a precursor as Camden Town has always been a alternative music place and its important to highlight that.

I could’ve chosen any time or scene in Camden’s musical past but I have an emotional connection to Britpop- I was there or at least I was ligging on the fringes of it.

I’m certainly keen to do some more music based tours and I love the idea that with VoiceMap, you can just turn up at any time, day or night, put on your headphones and walk with your virtual guide beside you.

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