Paddy McAloon / Prefab Sprout


It probably won’t surprise hardcore Prefab Sprout fans but will bring about sideways glances from everyone else; when Donald Trump was announced to be the new US president my first thoughts were with Paddy McAloon.

I tried to imagine him receiving the news, perhaps in his kitchen with his family. I could see him shaking his head, long white beard and hair, before taking himself off to Andromeda Heights and sitting down with his guitar for a few hours.

Because those who know Paddy will know his life long fascination with the USA. The young Paddy used to dream about the place as a boy and it has since fed into his art. I can only think of Protest Songs, his dedication to the North East as the only album that doesn’t have the scent of the States all over it. Please disagree with me in the comments section.

So it didn’t surprise me to see this on YouTube this morning. OK, I lie. The actual song doesn’t surprise me. You bet there’s songs about Brexit already written, Bowie and Prince’s deaths…what really surprised me was Paddy on YouTube. That just doesn’t happen, does it?

So it was uploaded by Keith Armstrong, Paddy’s manager since the year dot.

Get it out there, Paddy. Stick it on YouTube. So they set up a camera and mic.

Its got to be in B&W though, OK?

Whatever made this happen, I’m just glad it did. And as Robert Wilson said on Facebook today, if this is an upside to Trump’s presidency I’ll take it.

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