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The Boyfriend Mixtapes

I’m the kind of girl who gets excited when she discovers a box of cassettes in the loft…and then plays them to discover that most of them are Prefab Sprout albums that I taped off the LPs so I could play them on the move.

What I did discover are a few inlay cards written in green and red biro. Nearly 30 years ago I met my first ‘serious’ boyfriend who used to signal his interest by giving me mixtapes featuring songs like ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ by Prince. Not very subtle there, I know. He made lots of these tapes, none of them seem to exist anymore. I’m guilty of taping over them with music I was into at University. Tapes cost money and I was skint. I did hang onto a few of the inlays though.

Of course, a few clicks on Spotify and I can recreate these tapes in streaming form as playlists. Not all the tracks are on the streaming service. Brian was an avid Prince fan and owned some very rare collectables which probably command an absolute fortune. I don’t think he’ll need to flog them anytime soon. I hear that he has his own accountancy firm these days.

So here they are, the inlays that survive. Click on the photos for the Spotify links.






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