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RepHERtoire. It probably isn’t the best name for a music blog written by women but it will do for now. Besides, I’ve registered the name now so its too late. If you do come up with something better, please let us know.

RepHERtoire was set up in response to my frustration at the lack of female music journalism on the web. I have a passion for music and a deep fascination with those who make it. But let’s face it: the bands I love tend to be followed by blokes, well that’s how it seems on the internet. Songs are dissected, inspected and discussed in depth by men sitting alone at their computers, logging into forums and waging a war of wit against each other. Each trying to show how clever they are, how they ‘get’ the music, what the lyrics are all about. How big is your collection?

I loved ‘The Word’ before it closed but god was it a testosterone-fest.

However, I know that there are women out there that feel just as passionate about their music, they just don’t write and discuss it online so much.

We love music with lush soundscapes, fantastic production, intelligent songwriting, mood shifting chord changes all have a home here. You will find jazz sitting alongside Post-punk.

We are always on the look out for contributors so if you have a passion for the above and would like to contribute a review, an interview, a retrospective, a personal story please do so here:

Miranda Diboll

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